Wellspring Revival Ministries

Creating a Compassionate Community

Wellspring Revival Ministries was incorporated in Alaska in 1998 by Mike and Linda Setterberg, we were awarded non-profit status July 1999.  The original intent was to host concerts and events in Fairbanks to draw people to Jesus and his great love.  In April 1999 a group of youth and adults started Joel’s Place after sharing that Christian events weren’t enough, youth needed a place to meet and play music.  We began meeting on Friday nights downtown and within 6 months moved to Badger Hall on the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds where we met for 5 years on Friday nights and hosted concerts on Saturday nights.

In 2004 the WRM Board of Directors began the search for a place that would allow our young people to skate board, it turns out that the music scene in Fairbanks was made up of many skateboarders.  By September that year, we found the warehouse at 1890 Marika where we have a wonderful indoor skate park, music venue, café and ride shop. Certainly that is the short story of our history. From the early days in Badger Hall to the warehouse on Marika it has been our desire to show young people that we care about them. Every aspect of Joel’s Place was started in response to conversations exposing the creativity and dreams of young people. In fact, our name Joel comes from the Bible, “I will pour out my spirit on all people, your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my spirit.” Joel 2.28-29.

Raw Joy After-School Program (the name combines Randy Smith Middle School, Anne Wien and Joy Elementary Schools that are in our neighborhood) will reach 5-12 year old students and foster emotional resilience, academic success, physical stamina and give stability to children while parents or caregivers work. It extends the target age of Joel’s Place (10-20) to include 5-9 year olds for the morning and afternoon program and will allow younger children to have access to our indoor skate spot. Presently, the staff is working on licensing as a child care facility to formalize our program allowing parents access to Child Care Assistance funds. In 2015, Joel’s Place served 130 students in this demographic. This program will be more structured meeting a need in our neighborhood for before and after school activities. Our goal is to serve 45 students 7am- 7pm depending on parent’s needs.