Through Raw Joy School Age program, WRM will reach 5-12 year old students and foster emotional resilience, academic excellence, physical stamina and give stability to children while parents or caregivers work. With staff that loves, prays for and mentors youth, we will also minister to the spiritual needs of all the youth we serve. It extends the target age of Joel’s Place (10-20) to include 5-9 year olds for the morning and afternoon program and will allow younger children to have access to our indoor skate spot. "The idea of city as playground is more than the physical space where children are safe to play. It is the place in our ministries where we affirm that there is enough for all and that scarcity is a creation of our own making, not God’s." (Geography of Grace, Rocke and Van Dyke)



January 16 Volunteer Meeting at 1pm

January 23 Pre-registration and Information meeting at 1pm

• Elementary 5-12 $400/month (after school M-F 2:30-7pm)

• Joel’s Place Youth Program 13-20 $100/month (Fri nights 7-11pm, Sat 2-9, Sun 3-6)

January 29 Grand Re-opening and Special Guest Samuel Johns

January 30 Joel’s Place Skate Park Reopens 2-9pm

February 1 Raw Joy begins with only afterschool hours of 2:30-7pm -Elementary School

February 5, 15-16 NO School Days Open 7am-7pm $40 for non-members, $15 for members


We will be seeking grants, child care assistance and other reimbursement programs for families. We are also raising bridge funding for having paid staff. In February, the program will be volunteer operated.


For more info call Linda Setterberg at 907-378-5859.